Searching for Cheap Wood Blinds

Dressing windows can be expensive, but not if you go the cheap wood blinds route.

There are many companies who are now manufacturing faux wood blinds that are less expensive than real wood but look almost as good as high-end blinds.

What is Faux?

Faux wood blinds are basically window blinds that are made from various materials that look like wood, feel like wood, but are not real wood. They are often constructed from wood particles or a combination of vinyl or other wood-like materials to resemble the real thing.

Have a Plan

Before you think about putting up faux wood blinds, you might want to do some shopping around before actually installing them to see what you like. Check with home improvement stores, window treatment stores and other home goods shops that sell items for the home.

Bear in mind that there are now all kinds of colors and styles in faux wood blinds that are available to consumers that can make your windows look brighter and more attractive.

Faux Wood

Faux wood blinds are typically considered easy to install because they are not as heavy as real wood. They are also easy to be cleaned because they have wider spaces between slats. While the color choices may be limited, there should be at least one color that will blend in with your décor.

Get a Warranty

If you can find a manufacturer of inexpensive faux wood blinds that offers a warranty, grab it. Be sure that the warranty covers the inner workings of the blinds i.e. the pulls, the tracking and the slats themselves.

Measure Width

Measure the window space before going to a home improvement store to buy the wood blinds. It is important that you have the correct measurements from top to bottom and side to side. Many windows require custom blinds, which mean they need to be cut to fit the window. This also means that the product will most likely not be returnable, so go armed with the right dimensions.

No Staining

Because inexpensive wood blinds are manufactured usually with particle board or made from alternative wood or vinyl, be forewarned that faux wood blinds cannot be painted or stained.

More Manageable

Because faux wood blinds are made using vinyl, they last longer and do not show marks or grooves or any irregularities like real wood.

Super Cheap

There are also cheap faux wood blinds that are made from non-vinyl materials which make them super lightweight, and easily damaged. They may have a great price tag, but in the end, they will not last and will need to be replaced.

Vertical vs Horizontal

Like real wood, faux wood blinds come in vertical as well as horizontal options. The horizontal styles work well in kid’s rooms because they offer a lot of light, they can be cleaned quickly and they are easily operated with a long wand. Young children will not be able to reach the wand, which makes it a safe option. Vertical blinds also known as Levolors look Modern, can cover an entire door wall or patio door and they can be drawn tightly to keep out light.