Security for French Doors

apartment with large French doors
  • 1-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 25-250

French doors are a wonderful addition to any home because they add class and character to any space. Many people install French doors to act as opening between the inside of the home and the outside of the home. Due to the way that French doors are constructed, they are very susceptible to burglary.

French doors consist of a relatively thin frame with several panes of glass. French doors are a two door system which latches in the middle. However, there are ways you can properly add security to your French doors to prevent them from being broken into. The following article will explain some of the ways you can add proper security for your French doors.

Adding a Deadbolt Lock

One of the weakest parts of French doors is where they latch and lock. The wood is fairly thin as it is and the lock is a simple bolt. A deadbolt increases the structural integrity of the door at the locking point. You want to purchase and install a deadbolt that is horizontal in nature and is one-inch long at the very least. If you are worried about the appearance of the deadbolt on your French doors there is no need because you can purchase very stylish deadbolts.

If you want to be even more secure, consider a double-cylinder deadbolt. This type of deadbolt requires you to use a key when you are in or outside. A burglar, under other circumstances, could simply break a pane of glass and open the lock. This variety of deadbolt prevents a burglar from being able to do this.

Striking Plate

woman touching up paint on white French doors

To make your deadbolt even more secure you should add a strike plate that is reinforced. In order to properly secure French doors with an added security of a strike plate, you will want one that is 18-inches thick (at least) and one that needs three-inch screws to secure it in place. The strike plate is installed on the door.

French Door Hinge Placement

Door hinges can be installed so the French doors can either swing toward the home, or away from the home. In order to prevent a burglar easy access to the home, you want to make sure the hinges are installed to the inside of the home. If the hinges on the French doors are on the outside then a burglar can simply remove the pins and easily remove the French doors.

Metal Reinforcement

Weak points on French doors can be identified as any place where the doors have been drilled with the exception of the door knob and the lock. The doors are weaker at these points because instead of a solid piece of wood there, it is now slightly hollowed out. With enough force, the door can be broken and the spot where the break will occur will most likely be where a screw has been placed. Adding a small metal plate to where the door has been drilled or hammered can replace the door's strength.