Security Gates: Protecting Family and Home

While an increase in number and effectiveness of policing and community watch programs have reduced theft and break-ins in many places, a security gate can also help keep your home safe. Read on to learn about several different types of security gates and their various applications. 


Statistics show that residential homes equipped with basic security systems, like for example locks on windows and deadlocks on doors are ten times less likely to be targets of burglars, so imagine how safer your house would be if you installed something more solid, such as a driveway gate, if you are lucky enough to owe one, or a gate in front of your house door.

To Block a Path or Opening

Technically, a security gate is a structure that is placed to effectively block a path or opening but this would mean that even a cardboard box well placed in a doorway would work as and referred to as a security gate, which is not the case. In general, most security gates come in the form of doors made of bars, fencing or expandable latticework and made of metal or aluminum.

Most home security gates are installed either to block a doorway inside or leading inside a building, or blocking a driveway or small street. Depending on what type of gate you are looking for and where you would wish to install it, different sizes and specifications are available to reach maximum results desired. The reason for the installation of the security gate will also determine the type of gate you will eventually purchase. It's one thing if you want to keep burglars out of your property, it’s a completely different story if you just want to keep pets or children away from certain parts of your house.

Doorway Security Gate

If you wish to install your home security gate in a doorway, the security gate that you would be looking into is small in size and normally either expandable latticework which is supported on a fixed frame or else operates like a small door. These kind of gates are most likely to be purchased by normal citizens.

Driveway Blocking Security Gate

If on the other hand you would like to block a driveway, large driveway gates or road gates is the thing made for you. These gates normally resemble a sliding fence or openings, and for those that can afford it, also come with decorative shapes. In fact, for resident use, these driveway gates are normally installed more as a decoration than its real function of security and therefore material used would be different, slightly weaker, than that used for professional or business gates which are strong enough to sustain a head-on collision from a heavy vehicle.

In the end, before purchasing your security gate, it’s better to have a plan and an idea of where but most importantly why you wish to install it. Once that’s done, the next step is to have a good look around different suppliers to have an idea of the prices out there, but also look for the shapes and different materials available. Don’t go with the first gate that comes to hand, nor choose a gate on the bases that your neighbor has one exactly like it. In the end it will be installed on your house, to protect your family and home, and therefore only you can know which one is best for you and your needs and which will not be in your way.