Select and Install a Screen Door Lock

Though a screen door can never be a secure barrier to entry into your home or patio area, a screen door lock is nevertheless a necessity. Because screen doors are generally not the main entrance doors to a house, screen door locks are mainly to keep the door closed so it can keep out insects but allow ventilation, while also providing easy access to family members coming in and out of a home.

Pick Your Lock

The first thing to do before you install a lock on your screen door is decide the type of lock that's right for you and your door. If the door is made of wood, you may need a lock suitable for a thicker door. If it's a metal screen door, you may be able to use a slimmer model.

Next, decide what sort of locking system you want. Locks are available with a simple push button attachment for easy opening, while others can be locked with a key, and combinations of the two styles are usually available. There are also push-pull types of handles that require simple pressure to unlatch the door, and dead locks that have no handles at all, and operate only with keys.

Lastly, select the type of material you prefer for the lock. Screen door locks are available in metal, stainless steel, brass, plastic and aluminum. Again the finishes will vary, giving you lots of options for your screen door locks.


Now that you have selected the lock, check the specifications of your door before you go out to make the purchase. Check the thickness of the door, the direction your door will swing, if it is not a sliding door, and any other special requirements that you may have. Indicate these specifications to the lock manufacturer or seller so that you get the correct size and type.

Fixing the lock itself is a breeze with a little bit of handiwork and a few tools. The locks will generally come with instructions for the fitting and will often include paper templates that allow you to mark door and frame exactly where the screws need to be drilled and openings or notches, if required, be made.

Once you have everything in place, your screen door will have a look that fits just right, keeps the kids in and the insects out.