Select And Install Cupboard Knobs

If you are looking for a great way to change the look of your kitchen without a major remodel, you can try changing your cupboard knobs.

There are some unique kitchen cupboard knobs on the market that will bring your kitchen to life with some added color or style. Take chances with your cupboard knobs. Remember, they aren't necessarily permanent and simple to change.

Measure Your Current Cupboard Knobs and Pulls

To be sure that you are buying pulls and knobs that will fit perfectly with your existing cupboards, measure your original knobs and pulls. Without measuring, you may end up with unsightly holes that need to be filled.

Choosing Pulls or Knobs

If you have very tall cabinets a pull may be the best option for your cupboards. Knobs may be difficult to reach. If you have lots of low standing cabinets you can choose to use either.

Pulls generally stay tighter than knobs for longer periods of time. If you have a cabinet that is opened more often than others, than the pull may be a better option.

The material you choose is also important. Not only do you want it to match the décor of the kitchen, you want them to last. Metal knobs and pulls are stylish, but will require regular cleaning and polishing. Porcelain knobs and pulls look beautiful and tend to be less work. Remember that porcelain can be fragile, and if a door is slammed you run the risk of cracking it.

Installing the New Cupboard Knobs

The kitchen cupboard knobs that are currently installed on your cabinets are screwed in from the inside of the cabinet. You can simply unscrew the old knobs and screw in your new ones.

If you are replacing a knob with a pull, you will need to drill new holes for the pulls. Make sure you mark and measure the exact placement you’d like for the pulls. Use this measurement on all the cupboards to keep them looking uniform.

You probably won’t need to worry about covering a hole if you use a pull. The pull will usually sit right over the whole.

If you are replacing pulls with knobs, this may be more complicated. You will need to measure just as you would for the other method. With this method though you will be left with two holes on either side of the new knob. You can fill this with wood putty, sand it, and touch up paint over it so it won’t be noticeable.

Changing the Style

The cabinets that you currently have installed in your kitchen will most likely have a pull or a knob. Because the holes are already drilled into the cabinets, you should stick with the original type of cabinet hardware.

If you replace a pull with knobs, you might end up with unsightly holes in your cabinet. You can fill in the holes with putty and paint over the area, but this may be difficult with natural wood cabinets.

Kitchen cupboard knobs and pulls are an inexpensive way to change the décor of the kitchen with very little effort. Look online for an amazing selection of pulls and knobs. This is a fun way to spice up your kitchen without spending a fortune on new kitchen cabinets.