Selecting a Boat Dock Ladder

Dock ladders are important equipment that are used to transfer both people and goods from a boat to the dock. There are many different kinds of dock ladders in use. Some are fixed, while others are portable. The ideal dock ladder should be able to withstand exposure to fresh and salty water for a long period of time. It should also not rust easily. Material such as aluminum is therefore used.

Dock Accessories

The dock ladder is just one among the many dock accessories. The other dock accessories include the dock wheel and the dock bumper. The function of the dock bumper is to offer protection to the loading dock and its cargo from damage as a result of impact. They are made of various materials such as steel. Dock wheels are meant to aid in the navigation of the boat. The dock ladder, on the other hand, will also enable you to check out the exterior of your boat where you could not reach without the ladder.

Determining the Right Dock Design

Selection of a boat dock design and ladder should take into account various factors that include:

The Depth of Water

The depth of water has a bearing on the type of dock ladder you will use. This is because when the water is shallow, the dock ladder will have to be long in order to safely dock the boat. When the water is deep, the ladder will therefore need to be shorter.

Free Standing Versus Floating Ladders

The other factor has to be whether you desire to have a freestanding dock or a floating dock. Fixed dock ladders are more prone to damage, especially in hurricanes, while the floating ones will move with the water and come back to where they were, thereby escaping damage.

The Type of Water

The type of water, that is salty or fresh, can also affect the choice of ladder material. Some ladders are made for fresh water, while some are made specifically for salty water. However, there are some that are made for both salty and fresh water.

The Material Transported

Heavy material will need a different dock ladder from light ones. The heavier ones are mostly found in commercial enterprises. Home docks are mostly light since they do not carry heavy material.

Fixed Versus Removable Ladders

Some people prefer fixed ladders that they do not have to remove, while others prefer ones which the can be taken off and stored for later use. This is sometimes dictated upon by the frequency of use. If the dock is frequently used, then the fixed dock will be preferable.