Selecting a Damask Table Runner for Your Table

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A nice damask table runner sets off the color of the tablecloth and makes the table setting more interesting. Damask is one of the oldest types of woven cloth. Traditionally it was made with silk, but it can be made with cotton, linen, wool, or artificial fabrics. It often has a pattern or picture woven into the cloth. Unlike many other fabrics, it is reversible.


A damask table runner should complement the color of the tablecloth. It provides an interesting visual on the table. White runners are often used on black tablecloths, and vice versa. They should bring the eye to the center of the table and show off any centerpieces or flowers.


Many patterns are available. From styles that would look good on a medieval banquet table, to fun and funky modern patterns, damask table runners that fit any design or party theme. Of course, any damask cloth that is long enough can be turned into a table runner with a little knowledge of sewing. Fabric stores sell instructions for such a project.

Once you decide on damask for your table runners, the rest is a matter of finding the design you want that will look great on your table.