Selecting and Using a Septic Tank Cleaner

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A good septic tank cleaner will help to keep the tank from having to be pumped out too often. A cleaner will also work towards protecting the insides of the septic tank from corrosion. Selecting a good tank cleaner can be a little confusing with all of the technical and biological words to understand. There are some good products on the market today that do a great job of biologically cleaning the septic tank.

1. Look for Biological Products

One of the new advances in septic tank cleaners is in the way that they use biological entities in order to do the cleaning. These are held in what is called CFU's, or Colony Forming Units. The larger the CFU in the product, the better, and quicker, the tank will be clean. These biological bacteria begin to eat and colonize immediately when they are applied to the waste in the drain and septic system. This is a much easier, and safer, way to clean the septic tank, rather than using harsh chemicals or hiring someone to pump the tank.

2. Look for Natural Products

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Many of the septic tank cleaner products on the market today make use of genetically altered, and engineered, biological elements. While this is safe enough, the products with 100% natural bacteria will thrive much better and last longer for a cleaner tank. These natural organisms will also populate much faster than engineered products. These products are found at most retail centers and online hardware shopping sites.

3. Look for Multipurpose Products

A septic tank cleaner is good all by itself. But, when the cleaner does other things, like keep drains clean and unclogged, it is a much better product. When searching for a good septic tank cleaner look for those products that can be poured down a drain to unclog the pipes, clean them, and immediately start to work on the tank.

4. For Use in a Drain

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The best recommendation for using a biological type of septic tank cleaner is to pour one tablespoon down each drain in your home once a week. This will keep your drains clean and free of any obstructions. If possible the septic tank cleaner should be able to sit in the drain for 24 hours, and up to 48 hours, for the best effect. This gives the bacteria time to grow and colonize while it eats away at the deposits and waste particles.

5. For Use in Septic Tank

Septic tank cleaner can also be applied directly to the septic tank itself. There are two ways to accomplish this. You can dig up the cover of your tank and pour the contents of a one pound bag directly into the tank. This will cause an immediate reaction of the bacteria.

Another way to use to clean the septic tank is to flush it down the toilet. A one pound bag is enough to last for a year in most applications. Pour half of the contents into the toilet and flush it twice. After this first application, you will follow it up with the other half of the bag in six months using the same process.