Selecting Bathroom Rugs: What Materials Are Best?


When considering the type of bathroom rugs that you will buy, there are quite a number of details you will have to bear in mind. There are specific characteristics about the rug you will be looking for mostly in light of the watery surroundings it will be in. For this reason you must seek after a bathroom rug that will be both water-damage resistant and durable. Happily, there are quite a good variety of bathroom rugs and you will definitely find one that suits you in purpose, design, and size. The bathroom rug market boasts options that are ideal for any bathing space.

Cotton or Chenille

Bathroom rugs are ordinarily very plain and are normally manufactured from either chenille or cotton. Cotton is the most common type of bathroom rug for good reasons. As a material, cotton is known to have excellent properties that contribute to its durable qualities. The material is also thin enough which allows for ease of drying. The thinness also enables for easy cutting which assures you of a perfect fit for whatever your bathroom shape. Such bathroom rugs are available in a wide variety of colors so you can be sure of getting a perfect match to complement your bathroom’s hues. A word of caution must be mentioned though. Cotton bathroom rugs are prone to gradual damage in the event that they are not properly dried out after wetting. You will need to ensure that your rug gets a thorough drying out often.

The other option of bathroom rug that we had mentioned earlier is the chenille variety. Such rugs are made using materials including acrylic, rayon, and polypropylene which are essentially manmade. The good thing about these bathroom rugs is that they are highly durable. This property is due to the fact that the materials are not damaged by constant water exposure.


For those who fancy going the natural and modern way simultaneously, a bamboo rug may just be what you are looking for. Bamboo rugs are widely appreciated for being excellent for bathroom use though people with tender feet may not easily get accustomed to the hardness on their sole.

The types of bathroom rugs that have been described are those meant for specific bathroom use. There are rug varieties that though not expressly designed for the bathroom will do if they are well taken care of. Kelim rugs are some of the best alternative rugs that you can use for your bathroom. These rugs can be of Chinese, Persian, Turk, or Indian origin and it really depends on what you fancy. Like cotton rugs, Kelim rugs have the dry-quick property which goes a long way in increased durability.

In choosing a bathroom rug material you will also have to think about how you are going to get it cleaned. Most of what is available in the market currently can be cleaned with the help of a washing machine. Prior to washing your rug you will need to look at the wash instructions just to be sure.