Selecting Doors for a Laundry Room Closet

small, neat laundry room
  • 1-10 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-500

When selecting doors for your laundry room closet, it is important to consider several factors. The amount of space surrounding your closet, accessibility, installation, and appearance are crucial when choosing the type of doors to buy. Once you take measurements of the closet opening and the area adjacent to the opening, you are ready to look at different types of closet doors.

1. By-pass Sliding Doors

If the space surrounding your laundry closet is confined, by-pass sliding doors are a great choice. These doors are hung with rollers and mounted in tracks allowing one door to slide past the other door. This design saves space by keeping the doors from extending out into the room. However, the disadvantage of these doors is that only half of the entrance space can be opened at a time. If you need full access to the laundry room closet, this option may not work.

2. Pocket Doors

pocket doors

Pocket doors slide on a track into a pocket built in the wall. These work great in confined spaces while allowing full access to the closet opening. Keep in mind building a pocket in the wall requires framing and drywall.

3. Swinging Café Style Doors

This style usually consists of two doors mounted on hinges that swing out into the adjoining room. The swinging doors give full access to the closet opening, but require space as they extend into the room.

4. Bi-fold Closet Doors

white, bi-fold doors

This type of door is made up of panels that are hinged in the middle allowing the door to fold in on itself. They allow full access to the laundry room closet opening and extend into the room only one fourth as much as a swinging door. They make an excellent choice for closets with limited space.

5. Multifold Doors

Multifold doors are made of narrow panels that fold in on each other like an accordion. They save space and are easily installed. Usually made of wood, plastic or fabric, the only drawback to these doors is they lack the durability of the other types of laundry closet doors.

Consider your space, function, ease of installation, and appearance when selecting doors for a laundry room closet.