Selecting Glass Mirror Glue

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Glass mirror glue is used to adhere a mirror to a wall or other surface. It is designed to provide an adhesive bond between the glass and the surface to which it is being attached. It is used by installers and do-it-yourselfers who are engaged in a repair project involving a glass mirror.

Where to Find Mirror Glue

Glass mirror glue can be purchased from a glass repair store or other retailer that sells glass mirrors and accessories. A small amount of the the adhesive applied to the area in which it will be attached is usually enough to attach the mirror.

Selecting the Right Glass Mirror Glue

Selecting the correct glue for your repair or replacement project depends on the type of glass mirror repair that you have or the weight of the mirror. Ensure that the product you select creates a strong enough bond in order to properly hold in place the mirror.

The mirror glue that you select should also be flexible under different weather conditions so it does not give way or come loose if it is either too hot or too cold.