Selecting Grout Colors

Many people do not put much thought on selecting grout colors. They think that grout does not affect the overall appearance of the tile job. However, finding the right color of grout can accentuate the design of the tiles as well as the general appearance of the room. Conversely, picking the wrong color of grout can downplay the beauty of the tiles and also the ambiance of the room or the entire house. Below are some important aspects that you need to consider when picking the color of the grout you use.


When selecting grout colors, the first thing that you should consider is the area where you will set the tiles. If you are planning to put them in a place that has high foot traffic, such as the kitchen or front porch, you should consider using darker colors or shades. People who own dogs or have kids should also go with dark grout tones because they are easier to clean and maintain.

Neutral colors, such as gray and brown, are also good choices because they not only blend well with a variety of hues, but they are also easy to maintain. Pick gray tones for cool-hued tiles and brown for warm-colored tiles. Since white grout easily gets dirty and quite hard to maintain, you should only use it for white-colored tiles.

Tile Color

As a general rule, you should pick a grout color that complements the dominant shade of the tiles that you are going to use. You need to ensure that the colors of the tiles and the grout blend well so that the tile design will be emphasized and enhanced. Picking the grout shade that exactly matches the tile color is also a good idea because there will be no visible tile lines and the grout will simply disappear in the background. This is particularly true if you are using granite or marble tiles where you need to ensure that the flow of the design is not disrupted or ruined.

Overall Motif or Design of the Room

Another important consideration when selecting grout colors is the general design of the room or house where you are putting up the tile project. For room design that is Spanish or Mexican inspired, you should choose grout color that is darker than the general tile color because this is what you can see in traditional Mexican and Spanish homes.

Results that You Want to Achieve

Grout colors are also important in creating the exact results that you want in a tile job. If you want the design of your tiles to really pop and standout, you should opt for contrasting hues, such as dark grout color for light colored tiles and vice versa.

Black grout is a good choice for bright-hued tiles because black grout can give a room that stained-glass look and feel. However, it is important to note that using contrasting colors can also highlight mistakes made while laying out the tiles. If you are planning to use grout color for room accent, ensure that your tiles are laid carefully and correctly.