Selecting Pantry Hardware For Rolling Shelves And Drawers

A pantry.

When remodeling your kitchen, you must select pantry hardware, like hinges, handles, and drawer runners. If you are building your entire pantry shelving and drawer, unit yourself, choosing the appropriate hardware will save you a lot frustration and installation problems.


Your closet pantry is going to dictate a lot about the size of the different types of rolling drawers, swivel shelves, and other storage features in your pantry. Keep the size of your pantry in mind when buying hardware. For example, you may need full extension drawer slides to enable you to reach the back of a deep shelf easily.

Design Style

Are you remodeling the entire kitchen? If so, you can easily choose hardware that is the same or matches that on other cabinets of your kitchen. If your pantry is the only new part, however, it may be more difficult to find hinges identical to the ones already installed. To help find matching parts, remove a hinge and a handle from an existing kitchen cabinet and take them with you to the home improvement store.

Most importantly, keep in mind that your pantry is an extension of your kitchen and should feel that way. Do not try to create a country-style pantry as part of a sleek modern kitchen.


There are many materials that are used for pantry hardware, including wrought iron, wood, metal, nickel, plastic, glass, acrylic, ceramic, and copper. Your existing kitchen will likely influence which materials look best.

If you are looking at drawer pulls, choose something that will not only look good among the surrounding elements, but will also be durable enough to last many years. Keep in mind that pulls come in styles that are attached with one screw, as in a simple knob, or by two screws, for an open handle on which you can hang items.


Some shelving brackets, drawer slides, lazy Susans, or pivoting shelves do not have the strength or durability to withstand rough or constant use. If you have a specific shelf that you will be continually sliding out to access rear items, then choose a heavy-duty drawer slide that will be able to stand the abuse.

Remember that shelving brackets must also be strong enough to handle the load of several cans, bags of flour, kitchen appliances, or anything else that will be stored there. It is important to install these brackets in wall studs.