3 Types of Sauna Wood

People talk in a sauna.

Selecting the perfect type of wood is essential for the overall design of a sauna. The wood should be a softwood that will absorb the heat emitted from the steam of the sauna. There are many different types of wood that can be used for sauna construction.


Spruce is used for creating a Nordic sauna. A design that is found in Finnish areas. Spruce is a white wood with fine grains and light small knots in its design. Spruce will darken slightly over its lifetime but will generally remain a light wood. Spruce is amongst the more cost-effective wood used for building a sauna.


White pine can also be used, and when it is new, it will look similar to Nordic spruce. Pine has larger knots in it which will fall out when the wood becomes dry. To prolong the knots, pine should be treated when being used as a sauna wood.


Cedar is a very popular choice of sauna wood because of its light appearance and its resilience to decay but it is more expensive than other woods. Cedar has a natural aroma that can be very pleasant in a sauna and it will cope extremely well with the increased temperatures within the steam room.