Selecting Secure and Stylish Entrance Gates

An entrance gate.

Entrance gates can be both stylish and an added security measure. Gates are now made in a variety of beautiful and ornamental styles to match every décor and budget.

Step 1 - Consider Your Budget

You need to choose a gate within your price range. That goes without saying. But you also need to consider any maintenance costs that will be necessary to keep the gate in good working order. If the gate is automated, then service and maintenance costs might be more than the upkeep costs of a manual gate. But with any gate, even something as basic as wooden driveway gates, you'll have to spend time and a little money keeping the gates looking their best and working properly. Repainting, electrical servicing, and other expenses should be considered.

Many entrance gates need to be installed by professionals which you should figure into your budget. This is particularly true of automatic gates, but some manual gate warranties can also be voided if you install them yourself.

Step 2 - Choose Automated or Manual

If you don't want automated gates, consider that you'll have to enter and exit your car twice each time you leave or return home. In bad weather, this can be particularly cumbersome. And if you dream of a beautiful set of wrought iron driveway gates, consider the weight and whether you'd rather have them automated for convenience. If you're choosing gates for security, automated gates with a security system installed are the best choice.

Step 3 - Choose the Type of Gate

You have a choice between sliding driveway gates or swing driveway gates. While there is a personal preference involved, you also need to look at your landscaping and any problems that might be present for either style of gate. If the ground is uneven or elevates where swinging entrance gates would open, can you level the ground or would that be difficult and costly? Is the driveway level across and on each side so that a sliding gate can be installed easily? Are there shrubs or other landscaping elements in the way?

Step 4 - Pick a Style

If you have a fence you'll want to choose entrance gates that fall in line with the style of your fence. A dark-stained privacy fence with openwork aluminum gates won't look quite right, nor will a low, decorative wrought-iron fence and tall, wooden privacy gates. Keep your entrance gates at a similar height and style as your fencing. If you don't have a fence, choose a gate style that looks good with the architectural style of your home.

Step 5 - Pick a Material

Wooden entrance gates are particularly good for privacy, especially when paired with a solid wood fence. Wood requires more maintenance than other materials. A wrought iron gate is a classic choice, and you can find these in a variety of colors now. For a less expensive and practically maintenance-free option, aluminum entrance gates are available that can look just as rich and ornate as wrought iron.