Selecting Sponges and Scrubbers for Hand Washing Dishes

Washing dishes by hand can be a chore, but if you have the right tools by your side, it doesn't have to ruin your day. Not everyone has a dishwasher, so washing dishes by hand is often necessary. Knowing what sponges and scrubbers work best for washing dishes by hand is the first step to making the job much easier. So how do you decide what to buy when shopping for sponges and scrubbers? Here are some tips.

Step 1 - Budget

Decide how much you're willing to spend on these kitchen tools. If you know how much money you want to shell out before visiting the store, it will be much easier to narrow down the choices. Of course, sponges and scrubbers don't cost a lot of money but there are differences in price. You can go to your local grocery store and buy a scrubber or sponge for a small amount of money, or you can buy a high end item from a fancy kitchen store.

Step 2 - Sponges

Start by deciding what type of sponge you want to buy. There are natural sea sponges available, as well as synthetic sponges. The type of sponge you purchase depends on personal preference. Natural sponges come from the sea and don't have any chemicals in them. They are very absorbent and soft, so they work well for washing dishes. They also wipe away a lot more residue because they have a rougher texture.

Synthetic sponges are much more affordable because they're cheaper to produce. They also last longer than natural sponges.

Step 3 - Sponge Size

When selecting sponges, it's also important to figure out the size of sponge you want to purchase. Choose small sponges to clean smaller dishes. Buy a larger sponge for the big pots and pans that need something bigger.  

Step 4 - Scrubbers

Scrubbers come in a wide variety of different materials. Some are made from natural fibers, while others are made of synthetic material. Again, the type you buy depends on personal preference. It also depends on how much you're willing to spend on kitchen supplies. Scrubbers made out of natural fibers are very good at removing food debris from dishes. Some scrubbers are designed for pots and pans, and removing tough food particles. However, more durable scrubbers may not be suitable for delicate dishes.

For plates, make sure you buy scrubbers that are designed for fragile dishes. You don't want to scratch expensive china. As long as you do your research before making a purchase, you should be able to find scrubbers and sponges that suit your needs.
If you buy a few sponges and scrubbers that do a good job in the kitchen, washing the dishes by hand doesn't have to be a difficult job. Having the right tools at your disposal is a good way to make the job easier, and maybe even more fun.