Selecting the Best Nail Gun for You

A nail gun can make many home improvement projects easier and quicker to finish. Choosing the best and right nail gun for your needs is often a matter of analyzing what you will be using the nail gun for and how often you will be using it.

Coil vs Stick
There are two different types of nail gun magazines that hold the nails as you load them into the nail gun. One is a coil, which is a long, flexible strip that is loaded into the nail gun. The coils hold 150 to 350 nails in one magazine. The other type of nail magazine is a stick. Similar to an actual gun magazine that holds bullets, a long stick that holds 20 to 40 nails. Coil magazines allow for more flexibility and maneuverability of the nail gun.

Pneumatic vs Cordless
A pneumatic nail gun is an air powered gun and needs to have an air compressor attached to it to operate. For some home do-it-yourselfers, this is far too cumbersome for their needs. Cordless nail guns are powered by a small canister of compressed gas which sets off a small explosion when the gun trigger is pulled.

The decision about what type of nail gun is best is determined by many factors but one of the largest is the need for flexibility and ease of use.