Selecting the Perfect Paint for Your Bathroom

A fun project that will brighten up your mornings is painting your bathroom. It's important to know what kind of paint to select. The first step is choosing the perfect paint for your bathroom. Follow these tips to ensure your paint has the feel you desire.

Type of Paint

The best type of paint to use on bathroom walls is one with a semi glossy finish which is specifically meant for bathrooms and kitchens. Bathroom and kitchen paint differs from other paints in that it contains mildew and fungus inhibiting chemicals, making it the best choice for a bathroom environment.

Color of Paint

The color of paint you choose depend on the feel you’re going for. Red is a very bold color that should be left as an accent color, while other, milder colors are more appropriate for all-over use. A metallic gray can impart a modern feel, while whites and beiges are clean and neutral. You could also use blues or greens for a fresh pop of color. You can paint the bathroom ceiling and walls with a basic color scheme, or paint each bathroom wall a different color for a bold and modern feel.

Choosing your perfect paint will make an attractive new statement in your bathroom’s décor.