Selecting Vanity Light Fixtures To Enhance Your Bathroom

bathroom light fixture

Vanity light fixtures are an ideal lighting option for bathrooms because they provide an even, consistent light around the mirror. This allows someone to get the most out of their mirror. When selecting the type of vanity light fixtures to use in your bathroom there are some things to consider.

Size and Position

The size and position of the mirror plays a vital role in determining the type of vanity lights to use. Typically, vanity light fixtures should be on either side of the mirror. For mirrors which are less than 4-feet wide, having 1 or 2 vanity lights on each side will provide an even light on each side of a person’s face. For mirrors which are larger than 4-feet in width, it is necessary to add lights above the mirror. For additional lighting you can also add vanity light fixtures below the mirror.

Size and Number of Lights

The size of the vanity light fixture should be based on the size of the mirror. For lights mounted on the side of mirror, aim for fixtures which are the same height as the mirror. For fixtures above the mirrors look for fixtures which are the same length as the mirror. The number of lights is also defined by the size of the mirror. Vertically mounted fixtures should have 1 light for every 2-feet of the height of the mirror. Horizontally mounted fixtures should have one light for every foot of the mirror. This will provide consistent and shadow free lighting.

Color and Design

Another aspect which plays a large role in selecting vanity light fixtures is the design of your bathroom. The goal of lighting is for the trim work to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the bathroom. Avoid using vanity light fixtures which use a color that contrasts sharply with your bathroom's paint. An example would be to use vanity light fixtures with a dark brown frame in a bathroom which has lighter brown walls.

The design structure of vanity light fixtures also plays a crucial role. Consider all of the elements of your bathroom and try to stick with the general design structure of these elements. This includes the shower doors, shower head, shower faucets, sink faucets, sink bowl, counter tops, and even the cabinets. If you have designed your bathroom in a Victorian era design then you should select a vanity light fixture which follows a Victorian design.