Nautical Bathroom Design Tips

towel rack in nautical bathroom

Designing a bathroom with a nautical theme is a fun and easy way to add style and flair to your bathroom space. From elegant to quirky, nautical themes can accommodate any taste to a tee. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Nautical Design Tips

  1. Paint with oceanic colors such as light blue, sea green, and sandy beige to add instant atmosphere.
  2. Use nautical stencils or wallpaper borders that include ships, fish, or lighthouses.
  3. Add small accent pieces and trinkets around the sink in the shape of gulls, whales, or anchors.
  4. Frame sea shells and hang them on the wall for a naturally elegant look.

Another simple way to decorate is to buy a complete set of accessories that includes a shower curtain, rugs, towels, and counter top accoutrements with a nautical theme. Look for designs with fish, sail boats, and sea shells. When you use a nautical theme in the bathroom, you create an instant vacation whenever you use the room.