Setting a Crab Pot

What You'll Need
A crab pot
Trap weights
Chicken bait
Disposal gloves
A sharp knife
Light weight fishing line
A cooler
A fishing license

Crab is a popular shellfish that is generally easy to catch with a crab pot. Most crab pots are wire mesh containers. These pots are easy to make, set and maintain. 

Step 1 – Fishing Regulations

Be sure you have a valid fish license for the area and that you have read and understand the fishing regulations. 

Step 2 – Weighting the Crab Pot

Put the weights inside your crab pot. They will keep the pot positioned properly underwater.

Step 3 – Preparing the Bait

Put on your disposable gloves. Cut the chicken into small pieces about 3 inches in length.

Step 4 – Baiting the Crab Pot

Open the top of the crab pot. Tie a length of fishing line around a piece of the chicken bait. Tie the other end of the line to the crab pot. The fishing line attaching the bait to the trap should be about half of the length of the crab pot you are using. The fishing line should be tied tightly with strong knots to the bait and to the pot.

Step 5 – Securing the Trap

Tie one end of your rope to the pot. Tie the other end of the rope to a stable support. The support can be a boat or a pier. The rope you are using should allow the pot to get to the bottom of the area you are fishing.