Setting Up a Propane Backup Generator

A propane backup generator is almost a necessity in many parts of the world. If you experience a large power outage just one time, you will realize how important it is to be prepared in the future. The use of a propane backup generator is one of the best ways to be prepared. You will want to contact your local gas company to connect the gas line; however, you can do much of the setup yourself.


Check the manufacturer's recommendations for the actual capacity of the generator. You will most likely not require a very large unit.


The propane backup generator should be located in an area that is free from possible flooding, close to but more than 25 feet from the propane source.

Bury the Gas line

You can dig your own trench for the gas line, but make sure there is no existing line before you dig. The line will be drawn from the propane supply source to the generator.

Regular and Transfer Switch Installation

Generally the regulator must be installed and supplied by the gas company. You can install the automatic transfer switch to the sub-panel that the generator will power.


Turn on the circuits and run the generator at approximately 20 percent load, increasing by 20 percent each hour. Run the generator at full load for one hour.