Setting Up Metal Bunk Beds

What You'll Need
Bunk bed
Masking tape

Learning how to set up metal bunk beds is an important chore when adding one to your home.

Step 1 - Choose a Bunk Bed Style

Check online for information about the variety of metal bunk beds available comparing features, warranties and pricing. Online discounts might be available from manufacturers that you can either download to bring to a retailer or mail in for a rebate at a later date. Examine if you prefer a contemporary style or one that evokes a bygone era such as an antique wrought iron look. Once you’ve selected and purchased the bed, you’re ready for assembly

Step 2 – Room Preparation

NOTE: Before beginning the assembly steps, enlist the assistance of a helper. This should be an easy project when conducted by two people or more. Putting the top bed assembly together may prove challenging if you are working over your head. Using a stepladder may come into play, but if you have a taller helper, this may be all that’s needed. Makes sure the area where the bed will be places is clean and free for your assembly project.

Step 3 – Examine All Parts

Make sure all parts and hardware are shipped with all frame pieces. Mattresses do not normally come with many models, so these may need to be purchased separately. Separate all hardware by its use and place these in marked cups for easy access and identification. Read the directions fully and carefully. At least make sure to page through the directions to get a general idea of assembly steps and requirements.

Step 4 – Assemble Lower Bunk

Many construction styles use the lower bunk as the support platform for the entire unit. Some units call for assembling a frame. Platform supports for each mattress ate then attached. Here’s where following the directions for assembly of your particular configuration comes into consideration.

Step 5 – Upper Deck

If your metal bunk bed calls for lower assembly first, make sure it is securely assembled. Check each bolt and or screws making sure these are tightened properly. Once satisfied, either directly build upon the lower assembling the top bunk, or assemble the tops bunk separately and then attach it according to directions to your bottom section. Again, make sure all connections are firmly tightened before installing the mattress.

You might wish to paint or stain your metal bunk bed parts before assembly if purchasing an unfinished piece of furniture.