Seven Simple Tips to Increase Your House Value

House sitting on fanned out money
  • 1-200 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-25,000

There are a number of things an individual can do to increase house value. One of the most significant things you can do is to complete targeted updates.

1. Upgrade Your Landscaping

Hiring a landscaper, or putting in the effort yourself, to update your lawn and outside plants will add value to your home. Adding flowers, plants, and a sprinkler system will increase your home's value as well as its appearance. Also, this could be a less expensive option than performing a remodel to certain areas of your home.

2. Resurface Old Items and Install New Ones

Resurfacing kitchen cupboards, putting in new tiles, or even installing kitchen flooring can also add value to the home. If you can't afford to install expensive replacements, home improvement stores have a variety of choices for less money than high-end retail stores. Many do-it-yourself enthusiasts can install floors, tiles, and cabinetry with the help of professionals at the store, or they might be able to recommend other professionals who can be hired at a reasonable rate.

3. Add a Coat of Paint

rolling white paint onto a wall

Even painting the walls inside the home can add some value to your home as well as upgrade its appearance. For example, paint old white walls with an eggshell color or go with a pale yellow or soft blue to give the room some color.

4. Renovate a Bathroom

Renovating a bathroom is another way to add value to your home, be it replacing the old bathtub with something more modern or getting the old one re-glazed. Another tip is to replace older bathroom tiles and countertops with something newer and brighter. However, be sure to incorporate the cost of these appliances as it could become a bit expensive overall.

5. Add Carpeting

If you can afford it, install new carpeting in a few of your home's rooms. New carpeting instantly adds value to your home and will be a less expensive option compared to the costs of remodeling.

6. Add a Sunroom or Loft


By adding a sunroom, loft, or other addition to your home, realtors report you can increase the value of your home by at least 20 percent. Most homeowners need more space, and a sun room or loft is a great option to consider.

7. Update Window Treatments

Take down older curtains or drapes and replace broken or worn vertical blinds with newer versions for a clean, updated overall appearance. Adding elegant window treatments such as plantation shutters can also add value to the home as the new owner will most likely leave them intact when they move in.