Seven Things to Consider for an Outdoor Dog Kennel

A dog inside a Kennel.

If you wish to build an outdoor dog kennel it is important to bear in mind a number of aspects and factors. This is especially due to the fact that the kennel will be placed outdoors and consequently it will be exposed to various weather conditions. Here we shall discuss a number of tips and issues to take into account when embarking on this accommodation project for your dog.

1. Decide On The Location and The Size

Since the dog house is going to be placed outdoors there might be a bit more room for enlarging the dimensions of the kennel. The larger it is the more your dog will have room to move, hide things, play and stretch out comfortably. So, once you decide on the location you can settle on a size that you can apply to the kennel. Here, it is important to measure the dog, especially when it comes to height.

Also, keep in mind that the area is not too exposed to winds and direct sun rays as these may bother your dog. A very important consideration is to select an area which is as flat as possible. This will prevent the kennel from ending up in a puddle when heavy rain falls. Besides it also facilitates the building of the kennel and its stability.

It is also best that it is quite near to a door of your house so that the dog will have easy access to the house. Such a door should have a dog door installed to facilitate this. This is especially important if you plan to include the dog kennel as part of a dog enclosure.

Also, make sure to clean the area from any debris which could prove to be harmful to your dog.

2. Dig Post Holes

It is best to dig post holes and to fill them partly with a mixture of concrete. This will help to provide a better stability to the kennel. Besides it will avoid shifting which might be caused by stress or weather.

3. The Gate or Door

A good tip is to keep in mind to install the gate or door of the kennel to open outwards rather than inwards. This will save up space inside the kennel and also facilitate the dog’s movements in and out of the kennel.

4. Use Gravel On the Kennel’s Floor

A good idea is to spread gravel on the kennel’s floor. Large gravel will give the dog a good footing apart from the fact that it will help keep the kennel cleaner by allowing moisture to drain off more easily and quickly.

5. Keep the Kennel Warm

A good way to keep the kennel all warm and cozy in cold, wet weather is to firstly have its floor boards slightly elevated from the actual outside floor by installing low corner legs or have it placed on two low slabs placed underneath its side walls. Also, for extra comfort you can place an old soft blanket or a thick carpet on its inside floor.

6. The Roof

It is very important to build a sloped roof. This will prevent the rain from accumulating on top of the kennel.

7. The Wood Used

Make sure that you use wood which is pressure treated and resistant against bugs and moisture. Apply further protection by applying several coatings of a good quality wood sealer. You may also opt to paint it.