Seven Tips for Designing with Wall Stencils

Wall stencils are a great idea for painting walls in a creative manner, quite cheaply and easily. Instead of having the walls all featuring the same color and looking a bit boring, one can use wall stencils to apply patterns and designs. Wall stenciling is especially very popular in bedrooms and nurseries for kids so that they would have a colorful room. When one comes to apply these types of stencils there are different methods which differ from each other because of the material used to produce the stencil. Let’s see some tips on how to apply these stencils, making our job easier.

Choose the Right Colors

Make sure to choose attractive and eye catching colors to be used for this type of task. More importantly make sure that they will match the color scheme of the particular room.

Shop Around

Make sure to shop around to see the various stencils available so as to select a cute pattern or design. One can visit most specialized crafts and art stores and also check out some websites.

Basic Stenciling

If you are not a professional painter and have never tried out stenciling before, the best thing to do is to go for the basic stenciling which is very easy to apply and that everyone is able to do. This consists of a silicon sheet or plastic sheet with a design cut out. As you finish painting your rooms you apply the chosen stencil to the wall and paint on top of the stencil with the color you want your design to be. In such a case it is best to go for a basic design and for a limited number of colors.

More Intricate, Larger Type of Stenciling

For those who wish to do a more detailed job, then there is the possibility to order stencils which are specifically done for you according to your wishes and which are intended to decorate the whole wall area. This is called a mural. These stencils are so big that they take the measure of a whole room. For those who want to do something special for their kids then they can use special paint while stenciling, which can have the characteristic of glow in the dark. It is a nice idea to paint stars all over the room for example, and then when darkness falls the wall will practically transform into a sky.

Preparing the Wall

It is best to do all the necessary preparations to ensure that the background for the stenciling, that is the base paint of the wall, is properly painted so as to ultimately obtain a satisfactory result. If you notice any small holes or imperfections, make it a point to fill them up with wall compound and make the necessary adjustments so that you foundation base is as smooth and perfect as possible. Also, if there are gaps between the walls make sure to fill them up.

Preparing the Stencil

Before you begin using a stencil, practice on a piece of cardboard. This is very useful to beginners who have never done any stenciling before so that you can have an idea of the best way to hold your stencil and how to apply your paint.


How To Apply Your Paint

It is best to attach the stencil to the wall using some tape. Then put your brush in the paint and get enough paint onto it to carry out the stenciling as evenly as possible. Try not to over load your brush with paint as this may cause unsightly color trails.


Stenciling is not that difficult but one needs to appreciate the need to be patient as stenciling is a delicate type of work. It should not cost you much money to stencil designs and patterns onto walls and you can create gorgeous designs quite simply.