Installing Pavers 4 - Prepare the Area and Base

Prepare the Ground Surface

1. Check with your local utility companies to determine the location of underground lines.

2. After you’re sure that the area you intend to pave has proper drainage (1/4" per foot slope away from foundations or other permanent structures), outline the area with stakes and string, and be sure to include the width of your edging material.

3. Use a flat shovel to remove only enough sod or dirt to provide a flat, level surface upon which to place the crushed stone base. It is important that dirt or excess soil that is removed and re-installed should be firmly settled with a plate compactor for an even base.

Prepare the Crushed Stone Base

1. After compacting the soil, place the crushed stone base into the excavation. Using a plate compactor, tamp down no more than 4" (depth) of base material at one time. This is a critical step - if not done carefully and thoroughly, the bricks will move over time.

2. The base material should be slightly damp when compacting.

Courtesy of The Brick Industry Association