Sewing a Car Seat Cover

What You'll Need
Sewing Machine
Tape Measure
Straight Pins
Pattern (Optional)

It is quite simple to sew a car seat cover, even if you do not have any sewing experience. Car seat covers have many purposes as they can change the look of the interior and provide protection against everyday use. A new cover can be used to replace any existing cover that is wearing out. Making a new cover is much less expensive then purchasing a new seat.

Step 1 – Measurements

You first want to accurately measure the car seat you want to cover. This is necessary to create your own pattern for a cover. If you are unsure of how much to cut, then make a pattern using paper for each portions of the seat. Add a few inches on each end to ensure there is extra room for the new cover to fit. Additionally, if you make any mistakes, it is easier to cut off too much fabric than to have to add on more material because it is too short.

Step 2 – Cutting the Material

There are many different materials you can use. but you should see about choosing a fabric that feels nice and is durable, like upholstery fabric. It you have a pattern, fit it to the material and then cut the fabric out. If you are not using a pattern, then make sure you measure properly and then cut. It is best to measure everything twice before you make your cuts.

Step 3 – Pins and Seams

To sew the pieces together, first turn them inside out and then pin everything together using the straight pins. The pins are necessary because they will hold the fabric in place while you are sewing the seams. It is necessary for the fabric to be inside out in order for the seams to be on the correct side. When sewing the seams, go slow to make sure the seam is correct. You should guide it with your hand to make sure the seam is straight.

Step 4 – Adjustments for Seat Belts

You will need to create holes for the seat belts. You can measure where the seatbelts are or put the current cover over the seat and mark where the holes need to be. Once you have cut the holes, it is best that you hem them. This makes the edge sturdy and will ensure that your material will not fray or rip from these seat belt holes.

Step 5 – Making it Tight

To ensure the cover fits snuggly over the seat, you need a way to tighten it over the seat. You can sew a rope to the edges and pull it tight. You also can used elastic, though  it is a bit more complicated as sewing it on can be tricky. This is because the elastic needs to be sewed on in a stretched position so it crimps when the cover is placed on the seat.

A Few Tips

If you are not sure of the process, a pattern can help immensely as the measurements and directions will be included with the pattern. Additionally, certain types of fabric are more difficult to work with than others, so ask if you are unsure of which to use.