Shade Your Swimming Pool with a Pool Canopy

swimming pool with umbrellas and chairs nearby
  • 4-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • 80-11,000

A pool canopy is essentially a large gazebo for your pool. It shades it in the hot summer, allowing you to swim away from the glare of the sun. That makes swimming far more comfortable in the heat, and the pool will be used more. The pool canopy comes in different sizes and shapes, so you can cover part or all of the pool, and also the pool surround.


A pool canopy is an investment, as it’s more than a tarpaulin on rods. It’s a carefully designed piece for the home and as such, is quite expensive. You get what you pay for, however. The canopy itself is a heavy canvas that won’t tear in the slightest wind, and is available in different colors to blend with your home.

The structure for the canopy is sturdy, as it has to be to stand the weather. However, summer winds won’t bend the poles, although the pool canopy will need to be taken down and stored over the winter. Since the pool isn’t used then, its absence won’t be missed anyway.


The size of the pool canopy means it takes a little while to put up, and it really requires two people to do the job. First, the frame is put together, which is the lengthiest part of the task, and then the canopy is tied into place on top. Depending on the size of the pool and pool canopy, expect to spend up to half a day putting the pool canopy up for the summer—another reason to leave it up for the entire season. The process is quite easy, mostly bolting together pieces of metal through pre-made holes.


people enjoying a pool

There are many different designs of pool canopy. You can buy different sizes, which can offer partial or complete shade to the pool, or even have one custom designed—which might be necessary if you have a pool with an unusual shape.

The standard designs will be significantly cheaper, but still available in a range of colors. Choose one with a heavy canvas for the canopy, as these will give the best shade and their strength will grant longer life. Buying the best pool canopy you can afford will mean you’ll have the best wear out of it.


Depending on the climate, the pool canopy could go up as early as May and stay up until early October. For most areas it will be just in the height of summer, when the sun is at its strongest. It can be especially good for pool parties, and if you have children who use the pool extensively, although you should remember that the pool canopy won’t cut UV rays, so waterproof skin protection is still necessary.

Be aware that if any storms or extremely bad weather is predicted, you should take down the pool canopy to avoid it being damaged or lifted away; it can also be a matter of safety. Used well, a pool canopy can be a real asset to a home.