Shag Carpet Explained

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Shag carpet was once one of the most popular carpet styles in the world. Back in the 1970s and 1980s, shag was the carpet that everyone wanted. While it disappeared for a while, a variation of it is coming back again. Here are the basics of shag carpet and what you should expect from it.

Old Shag Carpet

The old shag carpet that they used to make was extremely thick. It felt good to walk on and it came in a variety of colors. Many people preferred the very bright neon colors. At that time, when you walked across shag carpet it would create a lot of static electricity. This would shock you when you touched something metal, and it could potentially damage certain electronics.

New Shag Carpet

In today's market, a style called frieze, cut berber, or short shag is taking over. Some of it is as long as the older version of shag, but the majority of it is a little shorter. They have also eliminated the static electricity problem with an anti-static treatment or filament inside the carpet. The majority of the carpet that is sold in this demographic is in the neutral colors now instead of the bright, vibrant colors that you saw in the 1970s.