Sharpening A Table Saw

A sharp table saw blade is essential for anyone who does woodworking. The equipment to sharpen the blades professionally can cost thousands of dollars, but you can usually sharpen the blade without the expensive equipment.

Tools Needed

-Tarp or Newspaper
-Blade Sharpening File or Dremel with diamond grind attachment
-Blade lubricant oil
-Safety goggles
-Heavy work gloves

Your Work Area

If you are going to sharpen a table saw blade, you need to have an open area. Often times this can be a messy project, so try to sharpen the blade either in a garage or a large work area that you don’t getting messy.

Safety First

Before sharpening any tools it’s necessary to ensure you have good safety goggles and heavy gloves. You will be dealing with small metal particles and they can cause injuries.

Remove the Blade

You want to remove the blade all together. All table saws vary depending on the model so you will want to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for this.  Also follow any safety precautions lined by the manufacturer since you are dealing with sharp blades.

Using a File

You can sharpen the blade with a handheld blade file. This will take some time. You need to pull the file back and forth across the blade for several minutes at a time. It may take a little while depending on how dull the blade is when you begin.

Using a Power Tool

You can also sharpen the blade using a dremel with the right bit. A diamond wheel attachment bit is the best attachment to use to sharpen the blade. It won’t take as long using this method, but you should only do this if you know what you are doing as it can be more dangerous. By using a dremel, you should be able to sharpen your blade in about 5 minutes.

Lubricate the Blade

You may want to lay down newspaper or a plastic tarp under your work area before you start this. The oil can spill and be a mess to clean up.  Once the blade has been sharpened you need to apply lubricant oil to the blade. The blade will be very sharp, so just squeeze a small amount of oil, just enough to cover the whole blade.

Reattach the Blade

It’s again important to remember how sharp the blade is now and be very careful when doing this. Once the blade has been oiled you can reattach it to the table saw according to the manufacturers instructions. This is generally just the reverse of what you did to remove the blade.

Consider a Professional

If you’ve never sharpened a blade before you may want to take it to a professional to have it sharpened. You can usually find someone to sharpen it for you for under $70. Usually you can have them talk you through the process and show you how to do it yourself for the next time.

Doing it this way will save you from ruining your blade.