Shed Materials: Wood Vs. Metal

Choosing what materials you want your shed made out of is sometimes a simple decision. Depending on your climate zone and aesthetic preferences, you need to know a bit more about the materials in order to make the best choice for your shed.

Wood Shed

Using wood materials for your shed has some pros and cons. Some cons are the need to repaint the shed after a couple of years, the possibility of rot and maybe even termite infestation. Some pros of a wood shed are the versatility it offers while building, being allowed to paint it any color you need to, in order to match different landscape or architecture styles in the vicinity, as well as the aesthetic look of a nice wood shed.

Metal Shed

Choosing to use metal materials for your shed also has its pluses and minuses. A metal shed has cons such as the difficulty to paint it when and if the need arises, possible rust, metal sheds are noisy when it rains hard, as well as they do not tend to allow alterations for adding built in shelves or other alterations in construction. Some pros of a metal shed are that there is no need to paint it every couple of years, the paint is baked on, metal sheds are easier to assemble and are usually less expensive than wood.

No matter which type of shed material you choose to use there are pros and cons to both. It is important to know these and choose which is best for your storage solution.