Sheet Metal Bending: Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Sheet metal ductwork
  • 1-40 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-200

Sheet metal bending is a very useful skill to know about if you do a lot of DIY repair to your vehicle or home. Bending sheet metal is done in a few different ways. Here are some tips to make the sheet metal bending easier and with the least amount of mistakes.

1. Bend Sheet Metal With Brake

One of the ways that makes sheet metal bending much easier, and more accurate, is with a metal brake. You want to make sure that you take very good measurements and mark it on the sheet metal before putting it into the brake.

2. Bend Sheet Metal With Vise

Another way that many people resort to bending sheet metal is with the use of a vise. A vise is a fairly common sight in many garages, so knowing how to use it correctly will help you with many DIY projects.

3. Heat Sheet Metal Before Bending

After you have taken the correct measurements, and marked them onto the sheet metal, use a propane torch to heat up the area where the bend will be made. Be careful not to heat it so much that you scorch it, or misshape it.

Bend Slowly

Sheet metal bending without the use of a brake is time consuming, but also very satisfying. Take your time to bend it slowly and you can make slight adjustments as you work.