Sheet Vinyl Floor Installation Tips

To get the best results, it might help to follow a few sheet vinyl floor installation tips. These tips are how professionals save time and get top-quality results, and they can be just as helpful for a weekend do-it-yourself project.

Clean the Old Floor Carefully

Inspect the floor carefully before you begin. Correct any uneven spots, pull out nails or tacks, and make sure that the old flooring if it is to be left in place, is lying flat on the floor. If the old surface is too rough or uneven, cover it with a layer of plywood.

Acclimate the Vinyl

Allow the vinyl to acclimate to the room where it will be laid. Many professional installers recommend allowing the roll to sit in direct sunlight for an hour or so instead, citing the greater flexibility of the sheet when it has been heated.

Allow for Minor Adjustments

Allow 3 inches of overhang at all edges. This allows for slight shifting over the flooring to get a proper fit. Cut the sheeting in place, using a utility knife with a new blade. In order to fit the excess into corners, make a single vertical cut in the corner so the two sides can fold up at the correct angles.

Inspect the Floor Carefully

Once the floor has been cut into place, walk it slowly in stocking feet. Be alert for bumps in the flooring that may indicate a small piece of debris, as anything left between the sheeting and floor will be molded by the vinyl and form a visible blemish.