SheetRock is a popular brand of drywall available in the United States. SheetRock is made from a gypsum based compound that is layered in between a fiber based exterior shell. SheetRock is extensively utilized for the construction of wall partitions and artificial ceilings. The SheetRock board is attached to the primary wall unit by using tacks or drywall screws.

Advantages of SheetRock

• SheetRock is available in a wide range of pre-cut lengths. This saves you a lot of time and effort when completing your DIY project.
• SheetRock is made from denser material. This helps in improving the soundproofing capabilities in your home.
• SheetRock has a smooth pre-fabricated finish. This has a major impact on reducing the finishing expenses in any project.
• SheetRock is made of material with a relatively low porosity. This means that SheetRock cannot be stained easily and can retain the fresh look for many years.
• SheetRock has excellent fire retardant capabilities as it is infused with fiberglass.
• SheetRock has excellent thermo elastic properties. This allows SheetRock to successfully withstand a wide range of temperature variations.