Shingling Hip Roofs

What You'll Need
Carpenter's Apron
#15 Felt Roofing
Ridge Shingles
Asphalt Roofing Cement
Copper or Aluminum Flashing Material
Soft Soled Shoes
Clean-up Cloth
Roofing Nails
Chalk Line
#90 Mineral Surface Roofing
Tin Strips
Work Gloves
Safety Rope
Hand Cleaner

What is a hip roof? you ask. No, it's not a roof that's into the latest fashion and music. Actually, you've seen it a million times, you just didn't know there's a name for it. A hip roof is gable roof with the ends brought together at the same pitch as the rest of the roof. Now you know what it is ... now find out how to shingle it.

Step 1: Each course of shingles applied to the hip roof should be continued around the roof (Fig. 11).

Step 2: Trim each shingle to the angle of the hip ridge.

Step 3: Use regular hip shingles or cut standard shingles (three-cut) to cover the hip ridge. Cover the hip ridge before the main roof ridge (Fig. 12).

Step 4: Start at the eave, and apply hip shingles at the same exposure as the main roof. Use two shingles to start the
run on the hip ridge (Fig. 13). Use four nails
per shingle and leave no nails exposed.

Step 5: When placing the last hip shingle on the main ridge, seal it with roofing cement and nail it into position.

Courtesy of the NRHA -