Shiplap Siding: Pros and Cons

When considering how to decorate the exterior of your home, it is beneficial to know whether shiplap siding should be one of the more important options. Being aware of the pros and cons will help you decide whether it will suit your purposes.

Pro - Installation

The process of installing shiplap siding to the exterior walls of your home is a relatively easy one, laying the boards so that they overlap. It is easy to determine that you have the board the correct way around as the upper edge will be thinner than the lower edge. The shiplap siding boards are nailed into place before caulk is applied around the borders to seal it.

Con - Repairing Damage

The need to rectify damage that has been sustained to shiplap siding boards can prove difficult as it will be necessary to remove the entire board to replace it with another. Making sure the boards are cut to the correct size before any work is undertaken will help to prevent this problem.

Pro - Additional Coverings  

A benefit that can be obtained from using shiplap siding is that it can accommodate waterproofing methods that are needed for exterior walls. For example, a vinyl vapor barrier can be fitted prior to the shiplap siding.