A shiplap is a wooden board that is utilized in the construction of outlying buildings such as barns or outhouses. The shiplap is used mainly because it is cheaper than the usual wooden boards that are used for constructing the main dwelling units. The primary utility of using a shiplap in paneling projects is because it exhibits a level surface when set up properly.

Effective Construction Using a Shiplap

While you are building using a shiplap board, you save costs because of the use of a rabbet in the opposing sides of the board. This allows the shiplap to form a firm bond or seal when set up in a section or panel.

A building constructed using a shiplap siding does not need regular care and maintenance schedules. A building built with a shiplap siding can protect the occupants against extreme weather conditions. It is for this reason that shiplap is favored while building cabins on ranches and other areas having large open spaces.