Shopping for Decorative Ceiling Tiles

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There are a variety of ceiling-tile choices available today. You can use ceiling tiles to create anything from a traditional to a modern look in your room. Here's a guide to the different styles.

Stamped-Tin Tiles

There are a variety of stamped, polystyrene ceiling tiles available that are designed to resemble tin. They can be painted copper or silver depending on your taste.

Wood Tiles

Plank-and-panel, wood ceiling tiles can be trimmed to fit any grid size you have. These pre-finished tiles require little effort to install or maintain. There are custom ceiling grids available for these wood tiles that appear handcrafted.

Modern Tiles

Highly polished ceiling tiles with reflective finishes can create a modern look, while mirrored tiles make the room appear much larger that it is.

Classic Tiles

If classic is more your style, you can create that look with white, textured tiles. They come in a range of textures, from plain to stucco.

Multi-Dimensional Tiles

Not all tiles are flat: You can get them in wavy, ramp, convex, and concave styles, and they don't cost much, if any, more than flat tiles.

Translucent Tiles

Translucent ceiling tiles derive their unique properties from their structure: a thin aluminum frame surrounding a translucent film. These tiles hang under a ceiling light source and are available in white, cream, and blue. You can even use digital images on the film to create an artistic effect.

Image by Talissa Decor Faux tin ceiling tiles. It has been edited for size.