Should I Choose Wood or Wire Pantry Shelving?

With pantries becoming increasingly popular the issue of wire pantry shelving has also gained some attention. Many people are not sure whether they should purchase wire or wood shelving for their pantries. While there are many advantages and disadvantages to both, most of the time one or the other is better for a particular need.

Those looking to be able to re-locate their shelving periodically as the need arises should choose wire pantry shelving. Because of its lighter weight, it is much easier to move around and place elsewhere. As well, wire pantry shelving is much less expensive than wood shelving, so if cost is also an issue, this option should be chosen.

This being said, homeowners that wish to have a more permanent and presentable pantry should not choose wire pantry shelving. Instead, wood shelving would better serve this purpose as it is generally more permanent and attractive in the pantry area. These benefits do, however, come at a higher cost so the choice between wire pantry shelving and wood rests on an issue of cost and permanence.