Should You Be Worrying About Flying Spiders?

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Recent reports of flying spiders have caused some understandable fear. From the year that brought you murder hornets and puss caterpillars, should we expect anything less?

As we all know, spiders do not fly but rather crawl. However, recent reports seem to indicate that, a new breed of flying spiders has emerged and is likely to threaten life. So, should you be afraid of flying spiders or not?

What are Flying Spiders

Before we even look at the dangers of the so-called ''flying spiders'' we should first start by determining what they are. Are flying spiders even real? Well, the simple answer to this question is no. There's no single breed of spiders that can be said to fly since all spiders do not have wings. However, there is a specific breed of spiders that can be identified as flying spiders. The spider belongs to the Larinioides Sclopetarius Species and has always been around. These types of spiders are common in Chicago and often show up in the months of May to August.

Why Are They Called Flying Spiders?

These spiders have obtained their name from their mode of movement. Even though they do not have wings, they move in the air and appear to be flying. They are common in highrise buildings in Chicago during their annual migration season, which falls between May and August. These spiders are commonly known as bridge or grey cross spiders.

Thes spiders spin ballon like webs which enable them to fly. They are carried by wind to a great distance and those who see them may think that they are flying. Given that their web is invisible, it is understandable if any person confuses the spinning of the spiders for flying. Scientists also say that these spiders use static electricity in the atmosphere to take flight. Although most of the spiders can freely spin in the air, it is necessary to have both the spinning web and static electricity at the start of the spin.

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How They Live

The flying spiders are only seen by humans during their migration season. During the rest of the year, they are usually settled in their natural habitats. They are web weavers and live on rocks near water bodies. If you live near a large water body with plenty of rocks, chances are that you have come across flying spiders at some point. However, these spiders are rarely seen since they create their webs underneath rocks or in cracks to avoid being spotted. Even if they live in your locality, you may not see them until their migration period. From May to August, the spiders will be seen in large numbers in high-rise buildings since this is the time they migrate.

Since the year 2012, most residents of high-rise buildings in Chicago have seen flying spiders get into their houses. Among the high-rise buildings that have reported spotting flying spiders include the Willis Tower, Hilton Hotel, and the Hancock Center. In most instances, the Hilton hotel in Chicago provides a notice to guests to keep the windows locked during the migratory months to prevent flying spiders from getting into their rooms.

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Are Flying Spiders Harmful

The main reason why most people are terrified by flying spiders is that they are believed to be venomous. Some even think that flying spiders are alien creatures sent to destroy humanity. Well, the reality is that flying spiders aren't harmful. They do not bite humans unless they are attacked or interrupted. Even when they bite, they are not venomous. Their venom is way lowers as compared to that of bees. In other words, you may not even notice the bit if it occurs.

Bottom Line

There is no need to be afraid of flying spiders. Contrary to the rumors that are spreading around, flying spiders are not a new specie or alien species. These are spiders that have always been around. Further, they do not have wings and do not fly. They spin on their web and are carried in the air by wind. If you are afraid of the flying spiders, do not be alarmed or even lock yourself indoors because of the spiders. You can continue living your life normally. You may also use pesticides to deal with the flying spiders in case they come to your house.