Should You Buy or Rent a Chainsaw?

A chainsaw is a useful tool to have for those jobs around the home that require the removal of large pieces of wood. The chainsaw is used to trim and take down trees on your property that have died or are in a condition that require pruning in order to prolong its life. A chainsaw can also be used to remove old tree stumps and prepare chopped wood for the fireplace.

Use and Need for a Chainsaw

The question of whether or not you should buy or own your own chain saw is a matter of usage and need. The more frequently you use the chainsaw, the more need you have to own a chainsaw. A cost benefit analysis is a way for you to determine whether buying or renting a chainsaw is right for you.

Comparing Costs
The cost to buy a good quality chainsaw for everyday use around the house can be anywhere from $80 to $250. The more use that you have for the chainsaw makes the purchase a good investment for you. The rental cost can run you about $25 per day from a local equipment rental store. If you use the chainsaw 2 or less times a year, then renting makes more sense for your needs.