Should You Get Swinging or Sliding Driveway Gates?

Sliding driveway gates have benefits and drawbacks just as swinging gates do. To decide which is best for your property you need to consider several factors, like the space available, the level of security you want and how much you want to spend.


A swing driveway gate is typically less expensive than a sliding gate. Though they can be about the same size and made of the same material, it's the mounting and operation that can change the cost the most. For sliding driveway gates you need a track and rollers, while swinging gates only need hinges.


A swing gate is the most maintenance free type of gate, especially if it's a manual gate. Then there's no motor or electronics to worry about. A sliding gate, however, requires a track that's clean. If any kind of debris like sand or leaves gets into the track it can stop the gates from sliding freely and even cause them to derail. Brushes can be purchased to sweep the track each time the gates open, eliminating this problem.

Available Space

Sliding driveway gates require little room to operate. Nonetheless, the ground does have to be level enough to allow the gate to slide freely. If you have fencing, then the gate simply slides open parallel to the fencing. Any shrubs or other objects may have to be moved.

Conversely, a swing gate takes a lot of space to operate. If your driveway is 12 feet or less across, then a single swing gate is recommended. You'll need clearance on the opening side so that it can open all the way (gates should open toward your property instead of out unless it is impossible to do otherwise) and enough room for cars to pull off the road while waiting for the gate to open.

If the gate has to open outward, then there has to be enough room for cars to pull off the road to wait while sitting far enough back to allow the gate to open. For wider driveways, double swing gates are recommended. These take less room to open than a single gate.