Should You Use a Shower Curtain Liner?

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Hotel style vinyl shower curtain liners are popular as alternatives or additions to traditional fabric shower curtains. Their low cost, ease of maintenance, and wide variety of colors allow them to enliven bathroom decor quickly and inexpensively.

Advantages of Using a Shower Liner

If you want to save wear on your fabric shower curtain so that it lasts longer, consider using a liner. Soft vinyl liners are washable and durable. You may wash liners once a week if you like, but monthly machine washing in warm water with laundry detergent on a mild setting is all that is needed to keep your liner clean. When the washing and rinsing cycles are complete, simply shake-out the liner and rehang it to dry.

Unlike stiff plastic shower curtains, liners are made from a softer polyester. They are more flexible. Liners are mildew resistance and may be clear, translucent, or colored. Shower curtain liners are readily available in most home and bath supply stores.