Should You Use Household Soap to Wash Your Car?

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With skyrocketing prices nowadays, people try to save money on almost everything starting from household soap to car washing. They prefer to wash their cars by themselves and have many doubts regarding proper methods. One of the major topics is whether household soap can be used to wash the car. Will it have any effect on the car’s paint and is it a handy option to replace the costly car soaps?

Advantages of Household Soaps for Car Washing

Laundry detergent, dish soap, and other household soaps can be good alternatives to car soaps. A particular advantage to household soaps is that they are very effective in cleaning because they de-grease and remove tough dirt.

Disadvantages of Household Soaps for Car Washing

Although household soaps and detergents are cheaper when compared with car soaps they degrade the wax coating that gives the shine to your car. This will make your car to look older sooner and remove a protective layer from the surface.


Each type of soap has a job to do. For example, dish soap is abrasive, which is why it does a good job on dishes. In contrast, car washing soap is milder so it wouldn't do a great job with dishes, but it does protect the waxy finish on car paint. If your car is older and you're not concerned about salvaging the sheen, go ahead and use household soap to get the job done. Otherwise, the commercial products are your best choice.