Showcasing Artwork on White Apartment Walls

As many apartment dwellers can attest to, plain boring walls can be a renter's worst enemy. Unable to paint them, the walls desperately need jolts of color and personality to make them pop. One way to lighten up the walls is to hang wall art. Showcasing artwork on white apartment walls is simple to do, but does require a little know-how and creativity.

Frame It Up

Colorful and bright frames are one of the best ways to showcase artwork on white apartment walls. These colorful additions can be purchased at dollar stores, discount retailers, online retailers and general department stores. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes to create the perfect highlight for the artwork. Plain, wooden frames can be purchased at most craft supply stores and can be customized with paint, glitter, beads and tiles. This is a good option if a frame cannot be found in a style that matches the room's decor. Another clever idea to frame a large poster size print, is to purchase a generic, poster frame and hot glue strands of roping or ribbon around the edges of it. This adds visual interest to the frame and creates a more three dimensional effect. Whatever frame is chosen, be sure that it fits the artwork well and that it draws color from the picture or painting out into the frame itself.


Miniature spotlights are a great way to showcase artwork on white apartment walls. A fun way to highlight black and white artwork prints is to frame them in a white frame, hang them on the wall, and shine a colored miniature spotlight on it. The spotlight colors can be changed from season to season or to highlight a special holiday. Miniature spotlights can be found at most home improvement stores and do not require hard wiring to light. Different color light bulbs can be purchased at any place that sells bulbs, or from specialty retailers online. Although the artwork on the white walls does little to add color to the room, the different colored spotlights make the walls pop and create a fun visual effect.

Three Dimensional Effect

Place artwork in three dimensional frames to create a clever showcase for the pieces on the white apartment walls. The three dimensional frames provide depth to the wall space which in turn draws attention to the artwork. These frames can be purchased at most arts and crafts stores that have framing departments.

Showcasing artwork on white apartment walls takes some clever thinking and creativity. Do not be afraid to experiment and change the way artwork is displayed to find the perfect way to accent your apartment. Always be sure to use a level when hanging the artwork, whether it is framed or unframed, so that it will be even and straight on the walls. There is nothing worse than creating a crooked focal point in the room, because a level was not used. With a little work, the artwork will liven up the walls and provide a stunning focal point.