Shower Curtains and Bathroom Accessories: 2 Fun Themes

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Using shower curtains and accessories to create a themed bathroom is a great weekend project. Pirate themes are popular with children, while a nature sanctuary can be a godsend for a stressed adult.

Pirates Ahoy

It may not take much for a child sitting in a tub full of water to make the imaginary leap to joining a band of pirates on the high seas. A pirate themed shower curtain sets the scene. Then fill the tub with a fleet of toy ships, fish, and seashells to make sure your child never complains about taking a bath again. Pirate hook towel hangers can complete the theme. Be sure to keep your child's age in mind when purchasing small toys that can pose a choking hazard.

Nature Sanctuary

A nature sanctuary can follow any number of themes, such as a forest, desert, or ocean. As a general rule, think spa. Choose a monochromatic color scheme. Hang a robe on a hanger and place slippers on the floor underneath. Keep a selection of aromatherapy candles or incense on hand. Stack a pyramid of rolled towels in a basket or on a shelf. Place an orchid on the vanity and buy several clear glass bottles in different shapes. Fill the bottles with bath salts, sea shells, cotton balls, and swabs. Treat yourself to a set of high-end towels and a matching bath matt. Load your iPod with nature sounds or ambient music. Turn off your cell phone. Soak.