Shower Door Hardware: What You Should Know

There are so many different types of shower door hardware that it can be confusing. This guide will help you understand the differences.


This is probably the most important aspect of your shower door hardware. It’s also the most expansive category. The hinges attach the shower door to the wall and allow the door to open or slide. The type of hinges available will vary depending on what kind of door you have and how you have it installed.

Glass to Glass

If you have a large glass enclosed shower or the hinges attach to glass then this is the type of hinge you will need. These are designed to  to prevent friction from damaging the glass as the door swings open and closed. These are also the most difficult type of hinges to install or replace.

Back Plate Hinges

A back plate hinge is designed to screw in to the sides of the shower flush against the wall. The door is then attached to the hinge. These will help prevent heavy     doors from pulling on the wall or tile causing damage to the actual shower area.

Pony Mount Hinge

These are designed to fit completely flush against the wall for full glass shower doors. They don’t offer as much support as a back plate hinge but work well for doors that aren’t as heavy.


A threshold is a metal bar that attaches directly under the shower door and helps guide water back in to the shower. This is important if you don’t want water all over the floor of your bathroom. These are generally inexpensive to replace if you need to.

Panel Support

If you have a full glass enclosure then you will need panel support. These are basically bars that attach from the shower glass to the wall. They require a little more knowledge and work for installation, but it provides much needed support.

Pulls or Handles

The pull or handle is designed to be drilled directly to the shower door to allow you a grip to open and close the door. Some of them are placed directly on the glass, and others are mounted on the metal lining around the door.

Towel Bars

If you’ve purchased a shower door kit, chances are you have a towel bar included. If you want to add one or want to upgrade the one you have you’ll need to take good measurements and a trip to your local hardware store. These are different than the towel bars that you see on the walls in your bathroom. The towel bars for shower doors are designed specifically to be placed on the glass directly.


If your shower door slides rather than opening then you have rollers. These parts are found on the top and bottom of the shower door and inside the tract. If a roller isn’t working or needs to be replaced you will experience jarring or sticking when sliding open the door. This can be quite annoying, but luckily is an easy fix.