Shower Door Seal Repair

A modern bathroom with a shower door.
  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 25-50
What You'll Need
Glass door seal
Glass cleaner
What You'll Need
Glass door seal
Glass cleaner

A shower door seal helps contain water within the bath or shower area. Over time, the shower seal may lose its functionality because of daily wear and tear and exposure to moisture that causes it to either break or become moldy. When these seals break, water enters the general bathroom area. If this area is wood rather than tile, there could be significant water damage in the future. It is better to replace a door seal rather than repair it.

Types of Shower Door Seals

There are different types of shower door seals on the market. One is a shower door sweep, also known as a door wipe. When the shower door is closed, it seals in water, and when the door opens, the opening action of the doors wipes the moisture that is present by the doors.

Another is the shower door threshold, which is a rubber strip that is stuck to the curb of the shower tray or adhered to the shower floor. When the door is closed, the glass door is pressed to this rubber strip, pushing water into the tray.

Some people find it effective to use this shower door seal with a door sweep. A shower door shoe is a plastic or rubber fitting attached at the bottom of the shower door and suctions as a door seal.

Step 1 - Get the Measurements

Measure the thickness of the door so you can purchase the right size door seal. You can also take the old door seal to your local hardware store and get an exact match. Make sure the space between the door and the wall is not too small or big for the seal to be bridged is not either too large or small for the seal.

Step 2 - Remove the Old Shower Door Seal

The best way to do this is to pull it down and out. Sliding it towards the side will not work. Sometimes it will be more complicated than this. If so, you may use a knife to carefully detach the door seal from the door itself.

Step 3 - Clean the Glass Screen

Clean your glass screen with glass cleaner or a solution of water and vinegar. Make sure to remove all grime and lime scale.

Step 4 - Cut the New Door Seal

Cut the new door seal to the length and width of your door depending on where you will be putting your seal. Always cut in excess so you are sure all sides are covered. You can always cut off the excess later on.

Step 5 - Snap the Seal

Snap the seal on the edges of the glass door. It's always best to start at one end and press it down till you cover all the sides. Cut off any excess as necessary. Test your new seal. Take a shower and observe if there are any water leaks in the surrounding areas.

Your shower door seal is all fixed. Now your bathroom is safe from potential water damage.