Shower Spa Guide: Faucets and Fixtures

steam condensation

If you want a modern and original feature in your bathroom, consider installing a shower spa. Turning your every-day shower into a spa is a great way of creating a relaxing and therapeutic personal space. As long as you get the right kind of spa, you will be able to enjoy the invigorating water. There are a number of ways in which you can turn your bathroom into a shower spa room, using just a few simple faucets and fixtures.

Using Multiple Shower Heads

You could find a shower head which produces a fine shower-spa mist, but they usually cost a great deal of money. They are also less effective than an ordinary shower range. Consider not only shower heads which produce a fine spray, but also hand-held shower heads and units with multiple heads. The latter are often placed at different heights along the wall mount so that your body gets an all-over spray. You may prefer a nozzle body spray, which can produce the same effect. When you are choosing shower heads, it is best to opt for one with a large number of spray nozzles, as they produce a better shower spa effect.

Using Steam Showers

Another fixture which might help you achieve the spa effect is a steam shower. You can purchase the steam device as a separate unit and add it to your existing shower. It will allow you to create a steam-room, similar to those offered in spas and beauty salons. Ensure that you have a completely sealed the room with waterproof floors, walls, and ceilings. The steam will settle as condensation on bathroom surfaces.

Using Lights

Another way to turn your shower into a spa is by using colored lights. Install a series of waterproof lights that can be used inside the shower stall. Also consider adding under-floor lighting for your shower room. Lighting can both give the shower spa effect and provide a soothing glow for the room.

Using Shower Enclosures

Incorporate different styles of shower enclosures to create a unique space. You can convert a small shower into a wet room by installing frameless doors. These doors feature tempered glass, which is extra strong. Fitting a plastic or acrylic wall around your shower will add an extra dimension to your shower room.